Online nasty cams

Until they return to their indoor area, you can watch pre-recorded video footage of our giant panda cubs here.

"As with any new technology, the cameras can create distractions that lead to reckless skiing," says Dave Byrd, of the National Ski Areas Association.From Monday to Friday you may notice that the camera follows where the pandas are going and zooms in close. When the keepers are seen on the TELUS Panda Cam, this is because they are clearing out the old uneaten bamboo and providing fresh bamboo to the pandas, which they need to do several times a day. Our camera has a sensor that indicates how dark the room is.This is because we have a Giant Panda Behaviourist on-hand who operates the camera. If you are noticing that the video is freezing, please refresh the page and it should re-boot quickly. If the light reaches a certain point, the camera switches to our night-time vision so that we can clearly see what the pandas are doing, which is black and white.A motocross rider drills a three-foot pole extension into his helmet, affixes a Go Pro camera to it, then wrenches his neck when the jury-rigged device whacks a tree.An Australian BASE jumper leaps from a ledge in Moab, Utah, does a flip, and releases his parachute bridle, and the line wraps around his chest cam. The fact that both of these accidents happened while people were filming their adventure exploits isn't surprising.