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Add to this the extraordinary, fresh performances of all the young actors and one has a film that could have well been perfect.What betrays this perfection is a screenplay that unfortunately veers into territory that’s too expected, too simple and finally much too convenient.Add to the mix an Old World patriarchy that remains entrenched in Slavic cultures, a veritable explosion of organized crime and an increasing demand for sexual services – life for many young women has become desperate, cheap and dangerous.The combination of basic needs not being met and an ever-multiplying Western-styled consumerism creeping into the consciousness of the people through advertising has meant a rise in women either choosing to be prostitutes, or worse (as so expertly detailed in investigative journalist Victor Malarek’s shocking book “The Natashas”), women are duped and/or kidnapped and subsequently forced into prostitution.Alas, she lives a lonely, haunted existence – hiding her source of income from everyone close to her.Working as an independent escort, she hits several major roadblocks – a foreign politician dies in her room from a stroke spurred on by a Viagra overdose, the police are actively seeking her, a group of vicious thugs/pimps are trying to force her into sexual slavery and she’s desperately behind in her mortgage payments since she is trying to juggle an academic life, family responsibilities and her life as a call girl.One million women per year from Eastern Europe disappear and are sold into sexual slavery.The 2009 film festival circuit sees the release of two motion pictures that look at various aspects of women in the sex trade – both made in former Communist countries.“Slovenian Girl (Slovenka)” is a Croatian-German-Slovenian-Serbian co-production directed by Damjan Kozole and is a resolutely grim, haunting, beautifully crafted and powerfully acted story of a young woman from a small Slovenian town who lives in Ljubljana, seeking to finish her education and better herself by working as an independent escort.

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