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In June, Jack Black told MTV that Tenacious D (his band with Kyle Gass) did a song for the film.

I don’t know if that song will carry over to the new version, but it would be a crime to waste a perfectly good Tenacious D track.

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This year, Černý (pronounced "Churney") serves as the special international guest artist for the Dirty Show. We have actually perfect comparison as the president. If you look at what's going on in Europe, it's gotten worse.

Since then, he has made a name for himself with his kinetic and thought-provoking sculptural work — such as the giant, mutating bust of Franz Kafka (look it up on You Tube) or a water fountain of two peeing men (they'll spell your name if you text it to them), both located in his native Prague. What do you think about that in the Czech Republic? You got your start as an artist during a time of protest. I feel like we're going to see something like that here in the U. [Laughs] Well, it would be cool, but I wouldn't expect anything like that in the States.

Infamously, he was jailed for painting a Soviet tank pink. The beginning was when the East Germans began to climb over the German Embassy in Prague. Did you know that you were creating the work that would define your career?

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