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Red is one of the most popular colors for a neck tie.

It perfectly accentuates your outfit with some color.

Nonetheless, it may make a lot more sense to switch shirt and tie.

Indeed, a tie is quite more exposed to others’ eyes than a shirt and, as was mentioned earlier, in many cases psychologically serves as a main piece that draws people’s attention.

Thus, there is no circumstances that can go wrong with this color selection.

Blue is also among the standard and most popular colors for neck ties.

The problem is that they are really hard to match with anything unless you have a huge selection of suits and dress shirts.

Perhaps, the best use for a tie of such color – a weekend or an informal gathering, which suggests that it can do well together with a blazer jacket.

Neck ties in such bright and refreshing colors are usually worn with white, light blue or other light-colored dress shirts.Another case of what was earlier referred to as “as classic as it gets”, navy blue tie perfectly combines with all other colors intrinsic to a classic business costume.Darker suits become overly with such neck ties making a person wearing it look solid and conservative.Otherwise, brown is not a good color for a job interview, meeting with a board of directors or for a reception.Silver ties look really neat with a classic white dress shirt.