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She had made it perfectly clear that pregnant women should be made to travel on the roof.I doubt she would have behaved that way in a part of the country where it was likely that she’d bump into anyone on that carriage again.I’ve performed in the big cities and the remote countryside.Places where, when you ask folk for directions, they don’t just point the way – they walk you there.In addition to the South Africans, the group also includes a Ugandan, while the rest are believed to be Tanzanians.Mambosasa accused the men of “promoting homosexuality”, adding that, “Tanzanian law forbids this act between people of the same sex, it is a violation of our country’s laws.” The hotel’s manger was among those arrested, apparently for providing accommodation to the men.Last month, 20 individuals were arrested for “suspicion” of homosexuality at an HIV workshop in Zanzibar.In the past year, the country has seen an alarming spike in anti-gay rhetoric and crackdowns against the LGBT community.

In the Highlands, you are forced to relax and shelve your self-important “I’m just so busy” London ways for a while.

Sing along if you know this one: “Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, that eye contact is tough. ” Had it been me needing the seat, I would have sat on her, but the pregnant lady seemed better-mannered than me.

And maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, that I’ll shove past ya in a mighty huff! Londoners have a reputation for being unfriendly and impatient. ” she declared, kissing goodbye to a Pride of Britain award nomination. Perhaps she was an immigrant to London from Cornwall.

If you have to get out of a taxi or are having the Tibetan prayer wheels you ordered online when tipsy delivered, it’s likely you will hold up traffic for a moment or two. The woman who beeped at my elderly neighbour to hurry out of her taxi one night was not expecting an army of us running out in our PJs to get all “London” on her.

London may never be like the Outer Hebrides but if we knock on doors, say hello and get our arses off seats a little quicker for others, we may become, at the very least, more Brummie.