Dating for men with long hair

So that makes them a beautiful couple made up of pretty individuals with awesome hair. Native American men are known for their long flowing dark hair and chiseled facial features. This vagabond man with body ink, a tussled pony tail and tailored suit creates beauty from conflict. Reminds one of mystical nights and wishing on a star.

No long hair list is complete without throwback Johnny Depp who made disheveled into a fashion statement way back in the days. Long hair, metal rings, plaid and pasty is what does it for some women. Or maybe pouring potions and lotions and howling at the moon? Sun kissed skin and flowing locks look great when paired with six pack abs and nothing much else.

That fad, suggests Healy, barely registers on his long-haired radar.

“‘Man bun’ is a term used by women to describe a men’s hairstyle to no fault of their own. "You can’t be walking down the street with your homies and say, “hang on a second guys, I have to tie my man bun.” “I’m not so sure there is hatred,” he says.

And the messages of thanks he and Barto have received prove this, he says. “If I did, I would have compassion for that person because they wouldn’t seem to understand what The Longhairs is all about, and I would take my time to explain it to them," he tells “You see, this whole thing isn’t about hair ties.

Though you can usually catch a well groomed man on my arm I do hold a place in my peripheral for those who forgo clippers in favor of a more unabashed look.

There’s nothing wrong with having an abundance of hair, and while men with ponytails are often met with scorn, guys with long hair are able to create a range of stylish and versatile looks.

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