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From what we can tell the problem is related to the SWT library used in the version of Eclipse in CCS. See an example of getting the build options to draw correctly. We recommend turning off User Access Control (UAC).Since the issue is with some conflict with the SWT library and some software running, removing the offending software can also help. Note that there are several levels to UAC in Windows 7, we recommend turning it completely off.In this case activate your license according to the instructions in the package.When you have done that there will be a manage button beside your license entry in myregistered software (com/myregisteredsoftware).

CCS will always display the 30 day evaluation license when you install (unless you downloaded the code size limited tools).In CCSv4.0.x you can download updated compiler releases from the compiler site.In CCSv4.2 and later CCS will automatically check for BIOS updates. This is so someone can update to the latest CCSv4 release without having to install a bunch of previous patches. You can download CCSv4 at this link: Download CCS Once you have installed CCSv4 you can use your CCSv5 license with it.In earlier versions of CCS you can download BIOS releases from the BIOS download page. Unfortunately as a result the updates are quite large. If you currently have CCSv4 you can renew your subscription and then you can upgrade to CCSv5. If you are not sure where your CCSv5 license file is you can copy it from your CCSv5 installation.With CCSv4.1 and forward we will post a zip containing all of the update contents. If you look under help-Code Composer Studio Licensing information in CCSv5 it will show you where the file is.