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Google stated the new Orkut was faster, simpler, and more customizable.More particular features included video chat, promotions and easy navigation. User interface and workflow were also drastically changed.Orkut's competitors were other social networking sites including Myspace and Facebook.Ning was a more direct competitor, as it allowed for the creation of social networks similar to Orkut's "communities".On April Fools' Day 2008, Orkut temporarily changed its name on its webpage to yogurt, apparently as a prank.

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However, users of the new version could still switch back to the old one.The website was named after its creator, Google employee Orkut Büyükkökten.Orkut was one of the most visited websites in India and Brazil in 2008.Unlike Facebook, where one can only view profile details of people in their network, Orkut initially allowed anyone to visit everyone's profile, unless a potential visitor was on a person's "Ignore List" (this feature was eventually changed so that users could choose between showing their profile to all networks or specified ones).Each member was also able to customize their profile preferences and restrict information that appears on their profile from their friends and/or others.