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The votes are in, the sums have been done, and finally, after much blood, sweat and broken calculators we can bring you the results of the first Amiga Report Top 100 (hereafter known as the AR100).

We had over 750 direct votes from the main web page, and another few dozen e-mails, all voting on the author's personal favourite 10 Amiga games from the last 12 years.

#99 MORTAL KOMBAT II (Virgin/Probe) - 55 points Long after the craze for simple martial arts games had died away (leaving IK as one of the greats; sadly, it's unlisted this time), the whole beat'em'up thing flared up again, this time with combination moves, special powers and alien players.

Six years afterward, it finally arrived, and unfortunately little had changed.

#93 MECHFORCE (Shareware) - 60 points Battle Tech clone, in which you pit two huge lumbering piles of technology against each other, armed only with Windows 95 and a soldering iron.

#92 SPEEDBALL (Mirrorsoft/Bitmap Brothers) - 60 points Second in line to the throne of futuristic sports sims (the crown belonging to the sequel), Speedball has the Bitmap trademarks of groovy graphics and superb sound coupled with the charms of football and extreme violence.

The game now looks ridiculously simplistic with set-pattern aliens and boring graphics.

The intro can still impress, however, and it's good to see people taking a long-term view to Amiga games rather than only thinking about the last two years.