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With 4G you can make clearer calls, stream music and video content without any buffering, and quickly download apps and other content.

You can use our coverage checker to see what the signal is like in your area.

Then turn off 'premium' in the services, and toggle off 'premium numbers'.

If you set a cap on your account, you will not be able to spend above youp cap limit on services such as premium numbers.

When you dial a 09 number, you'll be warned that if you stay on the line you'll be charged for the call (but not all premium service numbers have this warning).

You can prevent access to premium numbers by going into your i D Mobile app or My Account online.

The more information you have the easier it is for the team to isolate the fault and put a fix in place.

It's a completely free service, designed to stop anyone getting unwanted calls from businesses or other organisations.

Yes, you can withhold your number when making a call from your i D mobile. Please note: the normal method of withholding a number - pressing 141 - doesn't work on an i D device.

If you do miss a payment, we'll probably try to contact you via SMS, TTS (Text To Speech message), and/or by post.

And we might put an outgoing restriction on the line until your account is brought up to date.