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Jake was even back to duty with nothing but a pair of scars where the bullet passed through his thigh.A couple months of physical therapy and he was good as new.After all her husband was away and here she was a white wife spending time with a black man recently left single.Of course all the wives of his fellow squad members came to help out but she was the Sergeants wife and she felt a responsibility to see that he was ok as her husband had asked.Joe had asked his wife Doria to look in on him while on skype with her the next day. Ron’s wife was one of those women that seemed always happy, smiling and bubbling enthusiasm for life. She had met Ron and his family before at base functions like family day and other times such as when they would have barbecues for his squad members.

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Ron had no idea why he was being taken to Washington upon his return. Introduction: Joe and Doria decide they need a black baby. The story is including Fantasy, Anal, Cuckold, Group Sex, Interracial, Older Female / Males, Threesome, Wife Genres.Knowing this man had saved all their lives more than once so that they could return to their own families had them all distressed that they could do nothing to ease his pain.He left almost immediately on a transport plane to fly home in order to arrange their funeral arrangements as neither he nor his wife had family.