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Don’t expect smooth floating in dry years on the lower stretches of this river.Likewise, don’t expect a lot of time for a good presentation from a boat during times of higher water.Many anglers who fish these waters are taken aback by the color—while it may be brown, it’s clean and ready to be fished.During years of quality snowpack, the mid-summer to late-fall seasons are usually good producers on the Big Hole.In many areas, walking along the river bottom is akin to walking on greased bowling balls.A wading staff is highly recommended, and because Montana does not have a felt bottom boot ban, fishermen can use , as well as adding studs to the boot soles. As always, keep an eye out for the bullet-riddled FAS (Fishing Access Site) signs that point the way to river access.

Don’t be deterred by the consistent “light coffee color” of this river.

Fish The Big Hole is home to the “Native Three”: cutthroat, grayling, and whitefish.

Cutthroat and grayling are rare, but the hardy whitefish is still very common.

Note to novice oarsmen: do not float this river when it’s over 5,000 cfs—the danger will far exceed your potential haul.

When to Go When planning a trip to the Big Hole, it’s recommended that one keep a sharp eye on river flows, , and overall water temperatures.