Teachers dating other teachers

The course opened my eyes to what life in the classroom is really like.

Beforehand I had blithely assumed that teachers talked while students listened and took notes. Instead I was thrust into a brave new world of creating lively, interactive lessons for my prospective students – lessons that would engage them and make them want to learn.

Within a few months of starting a one-year postgraduate teaching degree at a highly regarded university, I knew I'd made a terrible mistake.

Like most of my fellow trainees it wasn’t until I stood in front of a class and tried to teach the group of teenagers staring back at me that I realised how difficult teaching is.

By putting adults into the microcosm that is secondary school, we begin to take on the roles of the students, at least when we’re not in front of the classroom.

Here are seven you should consider this summer: ESL Teacher: In this role you'll work one-on-one with global students who want to learn a new language.You can see listings for positions at John Hopkins University, Grand Canyon University, the University of Maryland University College, and more at Remote. Writing Tutor: Pearson is hiring writing tutors to work 8-19 hours per week on a term-by-term basis, including summers.These positions offer instructors the chance to work with all education levels including college students, high school students, and other individuals. Graduate School Exam Prep Tutor: You'll prep lessons and provide one-on-one tutoring sessions to students preparing for the GMAT, GRE, and MCAT exams.Teachers can’t help but show off a bit and are constantly comparing themselves to each other. The real reason teachers gossip is because life at a school is just more fun than what is happening in most of our peers’ lives.Teachers can be real friends with each other, but can also develop frenemies. While they went to work in offices and sit in a cubicle with their stapler all day, we get to relive (over and over again) what should have been the “best days of our lives.” Everything is just simply less dramatic once you have already lived through it and realized it just is not that serious.