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Polycom HD voice might win out by a slight hair, but if anything that’s just a testament to how good the GXP2200s sound.

Click to hear what calls sound like with the GXP2200 handset and speakerphone, and compare it to the call from a regular phone on the PSTN.

Customers can also manually point their GXP2200s to our provisioning server by using the phone’s web-based administration interface. Plug your phone into your LAN, and click on the Settings app. You should see your phone’s IP address under ‘Network Status’.

Enter that IP address into your web browser to get to the GXP2200’s web-based administration interface. Once you’re in, you should see a top navigation menu option labeled ‘Maintenace’.

Since the touchscreen was the only way to interact with the phone we were reviewing at the time ( Grandstream GXV3175 ), there was no getting around it, which made even simple tasks like dialing a phone number more frustrating than they needed to be. We’re happy to say that our testing with Grandstream’s newest touchscreen phone, the GXP2200, went much more smoothly.

The Grandstream GXP2200 Enterprise Multimedia Phone for Android features a super responsive 480 by 272 pixel capacitive touch screen TFT LCD that blows the touchscreen on the GXV3175 out of the water.

For quality IP phones, I want the device to feel like there’s something substantial underneath its plastic casing, and weight remains the number one indicator. The handset, arguably one of the most important components on a phone, feels great.

What was said above about weight giving off the impression of quality goes double for handsets.

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It supports Android OS 2.3, which gives access to a store of Grandstream-approved 3rd party applications.

The USB port on the back of the phone allows users to connect a third party camera to send outbound video.

Other ports include dual switched auto-sensing 10/100/1000Mbps network ports, an SD port, and a port for RJ-9 headsets.

An example of a test case would be the following: Call must be transferred correctly to C. When C picks up, audio must work in both ways between test phone and C.

When test phone is on hold, there is no audio between it and phone B.