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I also will have other various breeds and colour variations from time to time. Thanks Location: Co Kerry Phone: 0831342508 LF orpingtons: Blue, Blue/splash, Buff, Gold laced, Jubilee LF Cochins : White and Cuckoo LF Gold brahma All birds of high quality Hatching eggs supplied from mid Feb 2015 NO TEXT MESSAGE ANSWEREDLocation: Wexford Phone: 0874103120 I keep the following breeds and show them regulary. LEGBAR: Crested Cream Legbar (blue egg layers) ARUCANA: Lavender (blue egg layer) WELSUMMER: Partridge. WYANDOTTES: Silver Pencilled, Silver Laced, Gold Laced and White.Large fowl - cream legbars (auto-sexing,green eggs) Bantam - Dutch (gold partridge) Silkies (black) Sussex (light) Indian game (dark) If you are interested in any of my breeds get in touch as I regularly have birds for sale at different ages. Location: Tipperary Phone: 0873491650 Large Fowl: Transylvanian Naked Neck ( black) Leghorn (silver duckwing, white, brown) Welsummer (partridge) Bantam: New Hampshire Red OEG (blue duckwing) Dutch (gold, silver, blue partridge, millefleurs) Pekin (lavender, blue mottled) Hamburgh (Silver Spangled) Waterfowl: Muscovy Ducks (chocolate, white) Miniature Appleyard Farmyard Geese Location: Laois Phone: 0852439234 Clogher Valley Eggs and Poultry 2017 Specialists in the breeding and supply of exhibition standard pure breed poultry at point of lay, hatching eggs, equipment and housing. LEGHORN: White & Mottled BANTAM FOWL: ORPINGTON: Black SUSSEX: Light WYANDOTTE: Silver Laced.Small or large quantities, top quality stock, full vaccination prgramme DARD registered. Phone: 07815841222 Website: Orpingtons Gold laced Orpingtons Buff Orpingtons Golden Bhrama Ayman Cemani White Silkie Guinea Fowl Sultans (white) Black Pekins Japanese Quail Arucana Columbian Bhrama Naked necks Assorted hybrid layers Broilers Location: Galway Phone: 0851916710 Website: Connacht poultry (Facebook) Point of lay pullets and roosters for sale all year round.

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The official website of ASDA retail chain provides all the informations about the products and services of the retail chain.The superstores offers more than 35,000 products and in addition provides services like pharmacy, cafe and ASDA petrol stations.There are 180 ASDA supermarkets in UK that offers 10,000 products that has same price as in superstores and supercentres.I also run a Facebook page for Brahma enthusiasts only called Brahma Ireland. Location: Kildare Website: all i am a hobbiest breeder of pure breed chickens such as gold partridge brahmas, Lf.I also hope to be breeding salmon faverolles, gold laced orpingtons and silver laced wyndotte bantams.