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Too many red flags were rising up so I have discontinued contact with him. Can’t thank you too much and will continue to use the service until I find the one.

Scheila Ehorn , Austin, TX I'm a photographer and was able to find out companies who were using my images without permission. Josh Rossi Dorado, Puerto Rico Thank you so much for giving me this information.

I met a guy 8 months ago and we took getting to know each other slowly.

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A dual-purpose high-tech boat The B53 was designed by Paul Bieker, of Bieker Boats LLC, who's known for engineering the AC72 foils for 2013 America's Cup winner Oracle Team USA.

Debating if I should end this relationship or continue it Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year now as of June 24th .

We've been arguing a lot through Why did my boyfriend say he's lost interest but then change his mind?

Using the images I sent them, they found he was sending me photos of one of his Facebook friends.

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