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Chalk is then used to mark out an extra few rings on the cobblestones.If you manage to roll your cheese wheel within the ring, you earn 5 points, 4 points for the external ring and so on and so forth.Major works included the building of churches and town buildings which still stand in all their splendour to this day.Whilst his plans were never fully completed, Pienza is still a tiny and charming village town in Tuscany that is well worth a visit.Since 1996, Pienza has also been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.For the Cacio al Fuso came, the Pienza townsfolk are divided into a ‘Contrada’ – a team allocation based on where you live in the Tuscan village with divisions based on 6 areas (4 within the Tuscan town’s walls and 2 outside) of Pienza.So, just as Americans appreciate peaches from Georgia and oranges from California, Italians seek saffron from Umbria and pasta made in Campania.

Whilst Italian football is the most world-famous sport associated with the ‘Bel Paese’, there are many other ball sports in Italy, some of which have a tradition dating back through the ages.Over hundreds of thousands of years, a vast variety of funghi, plants, and animals evolved in these fertile but different microclimates.This unique biodiversity provides each region with its specialties.Discover our regional Italian food and drink at our online store (including an all-new series of regional gift boxes), or visit our markets, restaurants, and cooking schools in New York or Chicago!Italians quite seriously say that the only guaranteed loves of their lives are their mothers and their football (soccer) team.