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His role was important on so many levels, and he had prepared for it for a very long time beforehand.Firth played Prince Albert of England who has a speech impediment.Big budget films have huge costume, accessories, and props departments whose whole job is to make and maintain the films’ wardrobe.The outfits need to match the spirit of the movie, fit the characters’ personality and nature, co-exist with the storyline and the times they are set in, and also physically and spiritually make the movie look more authentic and real.

Some sunglasses were too advanced, a woman’s dress would not have been appropriate at the time the film was set in, or a hair style which would not have been done at the time; there are endless mistakes that have to do with hair, makeup, and wardrobe.This specific type of umbrella was invented by the Greeks in the 5th Century BCE, which according to our history teacher’s timeline, took place 800 years after Troy was conquered. Although it’s quite hard to notice anything else in this picture besides how great the young Harrison Ford looked when he played in Raiders of the Lost Ark, if you look close enough you can see a person in the background wearing jeans and a t-shirt.As much as we love that casual look, it has nothing to do with the fashion that was being worn in the 1930’s.In case you weren’t sure – no, lycra sports shorts were not available during this time period. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you might’ve noticed some shiny, fancy medals being worn by some of the Nazis.These medals, in fact, were worn towards the end of World War ll and the film was set in 1938. Colin Firth gave the performance of his lifetime in the 2010 film, The King’s Speech.