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By attending these events we invest in our energy, time, and emotion in a positive manner; and we do receive the same back.

People who have worked, coached, supported, encouraged, and volunteered to make all the Mix And Mingles wonderful events to attend.

Mix And Mingles encourages everyone from all different social values, lifestyles and backgrounds to attend events of interest.

Most of us have one thing in common; we are single and looking for enjoyable social interaction with others singles for a fun evening.

Mix And Mingles events are for all singles, especially for those who do not feel comfortable in dates scheduled or arranged by a third party.

People also may not feel comfortable meeting from internet sites, so they can arrange to meet at a Mix And Mingles event, in a group setting, with some peer support in the background.

Our vision statement is "To Provide Quality and Fun Social Events for Singles Over 40".

They provided outlets for single people from various “Rebuilding” groups to gather for socializing.

Dean spent many enjoyable hours organizing venues and meeting many people who volunteered their time to bring about successful events for singles over 40.

Any money that was generated after paying expenses was donated to charities.

My background and expertise in successfully planning these single events is that I have been single since 2002; I have been employed in and taught dental assisting and administration for 20 years so am very able to make a person feel comfortable in a perceived uncomfortable environment (who really likes the dentist).

I have a degree in adult education, so I understand the various learning processes singles adults go through to accept and learn about themselves, and others.