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Woman A: I'm not really one to discuss partners with my family but I don't think my friends cared.

They all have internet friendships and I met some of my closest friends online.

Things ended in tears and an extremely dramatic argument. Woman A: Don't take yourself too seriously or sweat over it.

Man A: We talked about Twitter a lot more than I would with a person that I met in any other circumstance. Woman B: I think keeping it natural, following up on something you two have already tweeted about. If you're 99 percent sure someone has a Twitter crush on you, there's no harm in a little "Hi." If it fails, it'll just turn into a friendly chat and boom, you've got your alibi. Man A: In the good relationship, I don't really recall. In the second, we were temporarily on opposite sides of the country temporarily, so there maybe a month or two. Woman A: I've had two long-term relationships that came about via a DM slide. I assumed she wasn't romantically interested in me, but she was. Woman A: Yes, in all instances of DM sliding, we had spoken for a while. We had faved each other's tweets and sometimes had some back-and-forths on Twitter for about a year. Although in the second [bad] case, the DM slide was maybe two tweets into talking. Woman B: Literally no time at all, because my first DM included my phone number. Man A: At a reading in one case, at a bar below my house in the other case. We were in a very serious relationship, and although we're not together anymore, we're still really important parts of each other's lives. I later found out that the girl was in a relationship, so we didn't date for a few months.