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OLIVIA Newton-John’s missing ex-lover has reportedly been found alive and well in Mexico more than a decade after he is suspected of faking his own death.A photograph has emerged apparently showing a shirtless and dishevelled Patrick Mc Dermott lounging next to a mystery woman on a beach in fishing town Sayulita.Mc Dermott, who was 48 at the time and had been dating the “Grease” actress for nine years, allegedly fell off a 20-person fishing boat in 2005. The former boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John has reportedly been discovered after going missing 12 years ago.The then 48-year-old set off on the fishing boat “Freedom” from San Pedro Marina on 30 June but mysteriously disappeared, with personal items, including his wallet, left aboard.While a US Coast Guard investigation released in November 2008 concluded Mr Mc Dermott "most likely" drowned, the circumstances around his disappearance triggered speculation that he faked his own death.

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Mr Mc Dermott disappeared in 2005 while on a fishing trip.Or the moment when she is teased at the “Sandra Dee” sleepover.And of course the classic: walking down the wooden staircase in a virginal nightie accessorised with an Alice band, explaining how she was “Hopelessly Devoted”. We were all hopelessly devoted to Newton-John – or as the Radio 1 wags had it back in those more innocent times, Olivia Neutron-Bomb. We loved the way her perfect soprano was capable of mixing pain and pleasure in the same lyric.To millions of middle aged women like me, the sad news of her returning illness will be hard to compute.To us, she is still Sandy, the girl who got the boy, smiling back at us out of the red Greased Lightning convertible as the couple drive off into the clouds.