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The principals behind Christian Singles Only have been helping single people In Pittsburgh for over 22 years.

We are committed to providing you the easiest way possible to meet great Christian Singles in Pittsburgh.

If you meet the initial criteria of our dating partners, we will pass your information on to them which allows them to schedule a consultation.

They will call you so they can arrange for a time for you to come into their Pittsburgh area office.

Online dating can also be a lot of work and a recent report from the Harvard Business School showed that it takes over 7 hours of work to get one hour of dates from the average internet dating website.

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Congratulations on being one of the many Christian singles in Pittsburgh that have decided to visit our website.You took a step forward today by visiting our website.Don’t take another step backwards and go back to the way you have been meeting people because that is not working for you or you would not be here. Fill out our profile today and let Christian Singles Only put the two of you together.Working with Christian Singles Only is a fun, effective way to meet singles that people repeatedly tell us is more effective than online dating websites. To meet quality singles in Pittsburgh, just take a moment to complete our online questionnaire.Unfortunately, our dating partners cannot work with everyone in the Pittsburgh area so we ask a few basic questions to see if you qualify for their services.