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There are a slew of options available, which I have recently summarized here: Parental Controls for Phones, Computers and Devices – a Comprehensive list Some are free, and many offer free trials so you can try them out.One that I did not include on that list is Phone Sheriff.You can restrict the Safari browser and install a “kid-safe” browser.I have a list of those for i Phones/i Pads and many have Android versions too.A good sensual massage is a lot like good lovemaking.It connects two people in a relaxed and blissful (albeit horny) state.

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So you may also want to take a look at Covenant Eyes and Qustodio too.

Done properly, a sensual massage brings both lovers together, even though only one feels the pleasure. Well, it’s a massage that allows you to focus on your partner’s erogenous zones – to relieve stress, relax, and increase intimacy.

However, that pleasure is almost always accompanied by sensual lovemaking or great sex. The goal of the massage is to bring the two of you together; it is not to give her an orgasm. Giving a sensual massage brings another aspect of intimacy into your relationship, because it is non-sexual.

Apple is a bit more “tight-laced” if you will, and some services only work if you jailbreak your phone, which I do not recommend.

So when looking into any purchased service or software, read all the fine print to make sure it will work with your child’s phone.