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What’s different about your dating landscape at 40 than it was 20 years ago? But many women still follow the “good old strategy” that says they just need to look good, play the dating game, and meet as many new people as possible. Your main dating strategy was trial and error, and your deepest desire was that all men fall in love with you at first sight.

Sooner or later, they’ll find a partner good enough to settle for. Over the years, failed relationships left their marks on your mindset.

Ne vous laissez pas bercer par l'illusion que vous êtes un preux chevalier en armure allant sauver ces femmes russes et ukrainiennes d'une vie infernale! Et la réalité je la connais parfaitement : j'ai tour à tour été employée d'une agence matrimoniale ukrainienne, candidate au mariage au sein d'une agence de rencontres internationale puis Directrice d'Inter-Mariage.

Méfiez-vous de certaines agences internationales dont les gérants "franco-français" auto-proclamés experts en culture slave n'ont qu'une connaissance superficielle des femmes de Russie ou d'Ukraine et n'ont jamais vécu en Europe de l'Est.4) : Inter-Mariage est une agence officiellement établie en France depuis 2000, qui se conforme strictement à la loi "Neiertz" régissant les agences matrimoniales.

You seem to be attracting the same man in a different body over and over again. Every time you get hurt, your suspicion that “it will never work” becomes stronger.

You are secretly thinking about giving up and joining Camp 1.

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In an attempt to protect you from pain your mind created various false beliefs and excuses, such as “all the good ones are taken,” “I don’t want to give up my freedom,” “I don’t have time for a relationship right now,” and “I don’t see anyone who would match my standards.” Camp 2: You are actively dating trying to find “the one,” but every time something goes wrong.

You now have the level of awareness that makes this transformation possible.

The biggest mistake you can make in your pursuit of an ideal relationship is to ignore the need for transformation and to rely on pure luck.

Unique également l'engagement anti-harcèlement commercial d'Inter-Mariage : vous pouvez consulter librement toutes les rubriques de ce site ainsi que les profils des dames de Russie et d'Ukraine inscrites dans l'agence.

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