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CSV along with the emails of 19 female friends before uploading it to Facebook.You can then target anyone in that custom audience who is also male (thus eliminating the 19 women and effectively targeting a single person).It should be mentioned at this point that my roommate is a professional sword swallower.Seriously though, he’s a professional sword swallower and quite an amazing performer.Again using Facebook’s Power Editor I created a campaign (of course labeled ‘Payback’) and started with a few blank ads.Under the ‘Audience’ tab I selected the ‘My Roommate’ Custom Audience I just created as my only targeting and Facebook said that my Potential Audience was fewer than 1,000 people.CSV, select ‘UID’ for the Data Type and upload it as a Custom Audience.EDIT: Facebook has since changed their policies and won’t allow you to market to any audience with less than 20 people.

Being a fan of the Mythbusters where they believe that anything worth doing is worth overdoing – I asked myself how I could take this to the next level. I should test this on my roommate.” And thus I conceived the most elaborate and manipulative prank of my life (so far).I had a few takers, but no one that I was interested to live with.A few weeks later I received a rather substantial email from someone who had found my full name from the land records, googled me, and even contacted a mutual friend to investigate the match.At this point my plan was clever, but what I did next made it just plain evil. While advertisers are able to use that data in their targeting, it’s often poorly executed (which is why I, a Jew-ish guy, often see ads for Christian dating sites), but as a Facebook user you’re never able to see WHY you’re being targeted.This was exactly what I planned to use to exact my revenge.