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We highly recommend to NOT hitchhike in the rest of Iraq (regions south of Kurdistan) at the moment.This region is autonomous from the rest of Iraq and is completely safe for hitchhikers.

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Adding to this Turkey and Iran have threatened to close the boarder crossings.--Jakobwithk , 12 January 2012 (CET) In April 2014 we got to the border by truck.There are many mini-van smuggling goods into Iraqi Kurdistan, and the policeman on the turkish side was happy to show us into one of his friends'.Boarder guards will look surprised to meet somebody who is not smuggling goods from Iran into Iraq, especially if you're not from the Middle East.Luggage will be fully checked twice, but when they notice you are there to visit their beautiful country they will give you a big smile and let you through in no time. Iraqi Kurdistan- Turkey On the way back, the Iraq side is walkable by foot, but when you reach the Turkish side they expect that you have a taxi.