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We love Word Press because it is flexible and easy to use.

Word Press is powerful enough to be the choice of corporations like Time, CNN, UPS and Dow Jones, but user-friendly enough for us to say, "If you can send an email, you can update your web site." 5 Reasons Why Word Press Should Power Your Web Site Why Choose Open Source Software Even the most reliable car requires regular maintenance to keep it running well.

We are starting from the Existing code though, so anything last changed before the creation of this branch (Nov 14 2013) has not been updated yet.

We are prioritizing the sample list and working towards the release date but please be aware of this before attempting to use this code.

The repository is where official Web Works samples for Black Berry 10 are hosted.At Brilliant Web Works, our sites are designed to be beautiful, functional, and easy to use.Since we have been building web sites since 1995, we have mastered classic design techniques - but we also study emerging design trends so that each of our sites is unique. There are rules and principles that work together to create a web site that looks great and is easy to use.We Don't Use Templates - Here's Why Learn Why Mobile Design is Important Any building needs a solid foundation. We build virtually all of our projects using the open source Word Press content management system.Launched in 2003 as a tool for personal blogging, today Word Press has matured as a development platform and currently powers approximately 25% of the Internet (and growing).