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Bernie and Hillary faced off for the seventh time in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they discussed campaign finance, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Obama, race and mass incarceration.The moderators asked about white people, and wanted to know how the candidates would help out working class white people when their focus is on helping black americans and communities of color.

Now that there’s a conservative off the court in what used to be a 5-4 Republican majority, what does that mean for the Supreme Court moving forward?Jackson says her daughter said “they planted this on us.” After Coverson finished a tour of duty in Kuwait, she stayed in the country as a military contractor and then took a job in the music industry.Male same-sex relationships are illegal in Kuwait but the law doesn’t say anything about same-sex relationships between women. embassy to help her daughter and her daughter’s partner.It could take up to several months to appoint someone to the seat.There are several key cases SCOTUS will consider during this time that could be significantly affected by Scalia’s absence.