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(Note the present day embankment did not exist.) The only building of note in the old Roman area which was used by the Saxons was the site of St Paul's for a church of that name.

There was also a Saxon Palace (position not known).

This little cosy scene was catastrophically changed with the arrival of 350 Danish Viking ships in the Thames in about AD 842.

And in AD 865 a massive Danish Viking army assembled in East Anglia, destroyed Saxon rule in the East and North of England and made London their winter HQ.

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That is commencing in London, east of the river Lea and Lea Marshes and running north south through present day Wathamstow. This was a relatively stable division as the Saxon rulers in London persuaded the Danish Vikings to stay in their allocated territory in return for a regular monthly income of silver pennies minted in London.

Hence the area north of the Thames was approximately ½ mile north south and just over a mile east west.

Walking west from present day St Paul's Cathedral the road drops away steeply to Ludgate Circus and it is easy to imagine a large river infront of you before the bank rises steeply on the other side to a road now called Fleet street.

They also imported bronze ornaments, pottery, glass and millstones.

London would have had all the trappings of Rome at that time.