Is jin akanishi dating crystal kay

I just don't want to get caught by two nosy mice.

so it confirmed Jin will not in single, before this i feel so sad but now i think it's better since Jin will in LA when the want to promote the single and what sachimas say is right the one will be feel so uneasy and hurt the most is Jin!!!!it's like simple to me.any background pic, it's just plain grey-white background and the pic only on the right-side-----it's so exciting clubnokia updated with Jin's events I'm thrilled to bring this show to my fans in the U. I believe we will broaden our fan base and reach by performing Japanese and English songs that appeal to a wider audience.We have worked hard to produce a high-quality, high-energy, visually stimulating show and I am certain our American fans will enjoy every minute of it - Jin Akanishi Miyakoi agreed with u about the ticket's ermmm expensive, a to Japan ticket it's cheaper, that's can't help since Johnnys determine to make so much $$$$ as they can through Jin, after-all it's Jin's 1st ever LA show..paying 0 it's worth it, coz i know i would never get regret for paying that price Of course, it's worth it.If this type of thing interests you instead, then go to the same page and click on the link shown below, which is located about half way down on the same deletion page.I know that this quick tutorial on deleting a Plentyof Fish account probably seems a bit much to some people but I do get a large number of requests asking questions on removing profiles so I thought this post would help alleviate those peoples frustrations.