Being on disability and dating Free sex mobile adult chatrooms no registration

I once encountered a guy who came over, said he had to go in his car and get something, and just drove away.

That hurt, yes, but it wasn't such a jolt to me, because I was used to being discriminated against as a person of color and a plus-size person; disability was just one more thing.

I recently moved from Atlanta to the Bay Area and dating is going a lot better here.

Men are a little more pro-active about saying hello or asking someone out.

I'm dating, and I would like to be in a long-term committed relationship with someone. Do you have a fascinating sex life you'd want to share with ELLE?

Then in 2004, I found out I had a very rare birth defect in my spinal cord and that it would need to be removed.

The week before the surgery, I discovered that I was pregnant with my daughter.

Since then, I've used Craigslist and Ok Cupid and other dating sites. I don't want somebody to look "past" me in order to see me. I'll tell a guy, if you want to put my legs up in the air, you'll have to hold on to them.

I have pictures on my profiles of me with my walker or with my cane. I've even named what kind of disability I have in some ads. When I didn't disclose my disability, I ran into problems.