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If blacks or Jews were consistently mistreated the way women are from Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan, and in many of the nations in between, the United Nations, the Europeans, and the people of the United States wouldn't stand for it, and our elected representatives would be holding hearings, issuing sanctions, putting the issue front and center every single day.In Egypt in 1899, a male judge named Qassem Amin caused an uproar when he penned a book called , arguing that improving the status of women would help Egypt develop.These horrific examples should make it ever more obvious to the world that subjugating females is the driving force behind Islamist rage.It was there in 9/11 attacker Mohammed Atta's will, in which he demanded that no pregnant woman be allowed to come near his grave; it's there in the acid attacks on pretty girls who dare say no to their men in Pakistan; it's there in the stoning sentences for "adulterers" in Iran and Somalia, it's there in the prohibition on women driving cars in Saudi Arabia, it's there in the black blankets millions of women think -- know -- they must throw over their heads whenever they dare step outside their homes.In 1799, the French artist Vivant Denon, accompanying a team of scientists traveling to Egypt with Napoleon (who excused his invasion with the logic that he was bringing democracy to the Arabs) was touring some ancient sites along the upper Nile when he came across an 8-year-old girl in severe pain.Writing in his journal, Denon noted that, "a cut, inflicted with equal brutality and cruelty, has deprived her of the means of satisfying the most pressing want, and occasioned the most horrible convulsions." Denon was referring of course, to female genital mutilation.Whatever happens in Egypt, there's an elephant in the room, and it's pink.Despite the years of discussion around our "War on Terror," we have not focused on the fact that misogyny is a fundamental pillar on which radical Islam is based.

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"'She has lost her honor,'" the man shouted, according to Denon.To varying degrees, women in Islamist regimes are forced to wear blankets over their heads, marry in childhood, are denied education, denied freedom of movement, have little or no control over their finances, cannot divorce.Their most basic desires are thwarted at every turn: those who dare choose their own lovers are routinely murdered in so-called "honor killings." Rape victims may be forced to marry their attackers.While women in the west, and many Asian nations, have begun to move toward gender equality in the past century, the Islamic fundamentalist regimes in Saudi Arabia and Iran, some African nations, and especially the Taliban, have moved backwards, with great violence and repression that harms millions of women and feeds jihadi fervor against the West.The influence of the Islamist/fundamentalist attitude toward women has spread to neighboring countries, and into countries in Europe where migration is occurring.