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He tells Jonah he can take one which he reluctantly does, then Ron wants for it.

Glenn pressures Cheyenne to write a longer award nomination for him.

Jonah joins Amy in her bedroom which is decorated with many pictures of Scott Wolf.

He noticed they have a lot in common including being on the debate team and liking theatre.

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He finds out she's using the truck to help her parents move and offers to drive. Mateo phones Jeff to see if he can get an exterminator but Jeff doesn't want to show any special treatment.Ron doesn't seem too concerned and Connie is going through old items.Amy wants Jonah to leave but he dives into looking at photo albums with Connie. Dina leads Mateo (disguised as an exterminator) into the Break Room to fumigate.Emergency workers mill around the parking lot as Jeff approaches Mateo.Jeff has made their relationship known to corporate but in order to prevent conflicts of interest, he says Mateo must transfer to another store.