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English and Hindi are spoken by most educated people as well as those in major cities.

In the districts along the borders of neighbouring states, people do speak multiple languages and many of them can speak the language of their neighbours across the border.

Some of the best examples of this style are inside the Mysore Palace.

Karnataka is known for its wealth of flora and fauna.

Karnataka is bordered by Maharashtra in the north, Goa in the north west, Tamil Nadu in the south east, Kerala in the south west, Andhra Pradesh in the east and Telangana in the north east.

Karnataka is served by South Western Railway and connected to all major railway stations across the country. Rajdhani - superfast fully air-conditioned trains connecting India's capital New Delhi with Bangalore.Karnataka has 5 declared national parks that abound in diverse flora and fauna, including: Modern-day Karnataka has been ruled by various kingdoms and empires throughout its long and varied history.The Vijayanagara Empire ruled over much of what's now Karnataka and the larger Deccan Plateau from the mid 13th to the mid 16th century.The Wodeyars' immense contribution in various fields - education, arts, governance, industry and infrastructure - laid the foundation for the rise of Karnataka after India's independence.Mysore painting - Mysore is famous for the Mysore style of painting that is well-known for its attention to detail.