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Although Milano said she’s fond of her TV character, she quickly added that Alyssa and Samantha are very different.

Now that Samantha is a teenager, the writers are making her more feminine and less into sports and all.

I really wish Celebitchy were like Myspace, and we could have annoying music blare out at you when you opened an article. Good, because Alyssa Milano says all you men have been stuck there for the last twenty years or so.

Since we don’t work that way, if you all could start humming the first few chirpy bars of the “Who’s the Boss? Just hum until Tony drives his van up to Angela’s house and hugs her. Well probably not stuck on Tony and Angela, though I don’t know how your preferences go, so I won’t judge. ["…”] No, according to Alyssa Milano, you’re all stuck on her.

She repeatedly has disclosed her favorite food (Italian), favorite colors (pink and blue), favorite show (“Family Ties”) and favorite bands (Police, the Jets, Five Star and Genesis).

Polite and self-assured, she has her answers down pat.

Milano adds, “The big difference between injecting Botox and with taking human growth hormone is that there are no rules against Botox.” From PR-Inside Ha!

She plans to attend the University of California at Los Angeles, where she wants to study psychology and cinematography.

“They’re both so different that I think they’d be interesting and challenging to learn,” she said.

I had no idea, but that’s probably because whenever I hear words like “baseball” or “designated hitter” I tune out and start thinking about butterflies or princesses.

Anyway, Alyssa Milano loves the game of baseball (and nailing baseball players) so much she wrote about in a new book called .