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Accompanied by his number one fan and new gun caddy Jack (Barak Hardley), Drifter must make his way through a radioactive wasteland overrun by savage Gypsies in order to reach the Council of Nine and clear his name.

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Barak Hardley is hilariously lovable as Jack, Drifter's gun caddy.With the threat of a large corporation, Second Sun, gaining momentum, Drifter, Mary Death and Jack, the greatest gun caddy ever, join forces to restore peace and justice to the world.But will Drifter’s past jeopardise their path to justice?Although Mary Death is a bundle of pulp fiction stereotypes and male exploitation fantasies, Pitre finds a core of humanity and vulnerability in her role as the death-defying bounty killer with a bloody past. eventually begins casting a Justice League feature film, I think they could have a potential Wonder Woman here with Pitre.As Mary Death, she certainly shows she has the brains, the brawn, and the beauty to play a moral yet violently uncompromising Amazonian Warrior Princess.