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Frederik Pohl, who had been doing most of the production work for some time, took over as editor officially in 1961.

Until his departure in 1969, Galaxy had continued success, regularly publishing fiction by writers such as Cordwainer Smith, Jack Vance, Harlan Ellison, and Robert Silverberg.

Danielle Lloyd was crowned Miss England in 2004, but lost her title after she...

'It's unfortunate that so much of advertising is dependent on perpetuating these stereotypes about what men and women are and what their value is,' said one woman.

World-class swimmer Siobhan Haughey’s name has been put forward for Hong Kong’s best athlete award even though she is officially ineligible – with swimming officials hoping organisers can give the student athlete a special exemption.

She and her followers insist that a New York City billboard, featuring rapper Fetty Wap and actress Klara Kristin, is incredibly sexist — and their protests may have contributed to the billboard taken down.

Next to it, Klara wears a see-through dress, revealing a black bra and underwear underneath.