Mandating physical education

(The courses of study include arts, career education, consumer education, health and safety, language arts, mathematics, physical education, science, social studies, and, in secondary school, foreign language and vocational education.) center in numbers that are at least equal to (1) the number specified in any written agreement it has with a vo-ag center or (2) if there is no written agreement, the average number of its students enrolled in the center during the three previous school years.

If a district does not maintain a center, also provide enrollment opportunities for 9th graders in each center it designates that are at least equal to (1) the number of 9th graders specified in its written agreement with each center or (2) the average number of 9th graders that enrolled in each designated center or centers over the preceding three years.

Employ only certified pesticide applicators for nonemergency pesticide applications in school or on school grounds.

Most schools are barred from using pesticides during school hours or planned activities at the school.

Be financially responsible for the education costs of district children placed in other districts by state agencies, up to 100% of its average per pupil cost. Provide free schooling to children living in temporary shelters.s relative current education spending, wealth, and student achievement.

Low-performing school districts, as determined by three or more years of failure to make adequate yearly progress (AYP) must increase their MBRs by an additional 20 percentage points.

If the board decides to terminate the contract of a coach who has served in the same position for three or more athletic seasons, inform the coach of the reasons within 90 days after the end of the sport season covered by the contract.

Under certain conditions, the commissioner may require the school or district to institute certain educational programs and may ask the legislature to allow another entity to control the district.

Can school districts eliminate or reduce the day/time requirement for physical education? Education Law 803 requires instruction in physical education and instructs the Board of Regents to adopt rules on how this must be achieved.

Commissioner's Regulation 135 ( 65.0 KB) are those rules.

Provide school accommodations, including transportation, for all district students, notify the alleged responsible school board of any child to whom it denies accommodations, and follow hearing procedures for denial.

Adopt written policies and procedures, approved by the school medical officer, if school board allows a school nurse or other authorized personnel to give students medicine or allows a student to self-administer medicine.