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Top-of-the-line ab belts can run as high as 0, which is money that can be better spent on a gym membership. This new exercise trend is all the rage among young women who want to look sexy while getting fit.The belts don’t work, and they can even be dangerous. As videos on the Internet illustrate, home poles often come loose or sweaty hands lose their grip.

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Sure, those vibrating lap belts from the 1950s seemed like a silly way to stay in shape, but that didn’t stop people from making more jiggly things like the Shake Weight.

When getting started, be sure to seek out a pole dancing studio and always make sure your home equipment is installed properly.] Weight loss in a pill sounds too good to be true — and it is.

These “miracle” pills that supposedly boost metabolism often contain hydroxycitric acid, chromium picolinate, or ephedra, which either have absolutely no nutritional value or can cause adverse side effects, especially on the heart.

There’s a lot of junk peddled out there in the name of celebrity endorsement, so be wary of these fitness products.

You have to wonder if you’ll stick with a DVD longer than some of their fame will last.