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I’d probably start crying first and than dive in and not come back hehehe… And their some well put together boobs too, if I do say so myself. BNC.admin: what kind of outfits do you wear in real life?! I don’t want to offend anyone or disturb any children. So when one of my ex-boyfriends asked me to do it, he had to teach me. Lol, he forgot to go over the part where he actually came and what I should do with it. But I’m sure glad it did, because most girls with big tits have pancake asses. were you having a lot of sex before you started doing porn? Maserati XXX: I have only screwed two white guys in my personal life. I really like white guys, but until they get brave enough to approach me, my numbers will remain low. My scene-mate was experienced so she made the experience great! BNC.admin: what are your thought and feelings about it?! Maserati XXX: I’m assuming you mean sexually, and the answer is no. do you still keep count on how many scenes you did so far? Its kind of funny, cause I’m like lol, you watch porn?

So I feel so lucky to be blessed with such an abundance of natural breasts. (You can catch them on my scenes or website)BNC.admin: I did.. I asked one of my close friends to let me practice on him. Maserati XXX: I was such a novice that when he came, I was so shocked that I spit it right back out on him! BNC.admin: and you were definitely not wasting your time.. I find girls attractive, but I was never sexually into them until after this. I am desperately trying to figure out how to make myself squirt!!! Maserati XXX: I will not do anything that involves spitting, hitting, or any kind of humiliation. BNC.admin: were you ever with more than one guy in your private life?! ok, I tried to blog about all of your scenes, but you’re putting out so many lately… I think I’ve done 10-15 for other companies and another 10-15 for my site. Maserati XXX: Yea, my neighborhood people have recognized me.

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I dont even remember when was the VERY 1st time I saw the incredible natural big breasted Jamaican born, USA raised, Maserati XXX, but ever since I did, she went straight up to my top busty babes of all time and didn’t move from there.. now, can I be totaly honest, and say that Im already hard!? BNC.admin: well, you’re “out of this world girl” to me, so there you go… I actually wanted to go with ‘Milky’, but everybody hated it. I’m sexy, I’m black, and know how to handle my curves. and if Im not mistaking, the left one is slightly bigger, right?! They’re their own individual, that’s how I look at it. When I’m not shooting and in public I wear smaller bras so my boobs don’t look so intimidating.

I got some nice big boobed sexy girls on there with me, fucking and sucking huge fat cocks. you think you might organize something like “Meet a Fan” thing!? Maserati XXX: Well, I’m starting to do meet and greet shows, and feature shows, so my fans can catch me there. other than the website, what other plans do you have for the future? Maserati XXX: I plan on taking over the porn world, and being the hottest big natural, sexiest slut ever!! Maserati XXX: I just want to thank all of my fans soo much. Keep watching, I have so much more in store for you guys!! You’ve honestly been one of my biggest supporters since day #1. Thanks for being so in love with my gigantic boobs, and letting all of your fans know who I am. "Reddit, I dont even remember when was the VERY 1st time I saw the incredible natural big breasted Jamaican born, USA raised, Maserati XXX, but ever since I did, she went straight up to my top busty babes of all time… July 13, 2011 | Filed Under amateur, ass, babes, classy, ebony, gigantic, hardcore, interacial, Interview, lingerie, Maserati XXX, natural, pornstars, reality, tittyfuck, Top Update, webcam | 29 Added Thoughts... I have been trying to set up Party Chats, but Streamate hasn’t approved me. Maserati XXX: I will definitely keep everyone posted. I always imagine someone peeping thru a window and seeing me, and like secretly masturbating to me getting fucked. BNC.admin: is there a certain place you’d really like to have sex!? Either sky diving, or flying on a magical broom-stick or carpet. I’ve met a lot of cool people and made some really good money in the process. Maserati XXX: I’m actually going to start streaming my shoots for my website. I’d love to give my fans a behind the scenes look at my work. BNC.admin: please keep us posted if you decide to do soo.. Maserati XXX: Lol, I’ve always dreamt about having sex while flying. Maserati XXX: He he heee…yes, I love to suck my tits. I was very insecure as a kid because I’ve had boobs since the 2nd grade. Because people are a lot nicer to you when u have big boobs. I knew who Pinky XXX was, and I am a huge fan of hers so I went for it. I have learned a lot of new things in my 6months of porn. I am not hiding the fact that I am a porn-star, but I don’t want to seem cocky or be a telemarketer. I respect everyone’s opinion, but I’m a grown ass woman, and this is MY LIFE. And for the people who are close to me, they are very supportive. But once I hit high school and guys started drooling instead of teasing, I learned to love them. I like to call myself the ‘Black Barbie of Porn’BNC.admin: and on top of that, you’re super sex skilled.. Maserati XXX: Then he told me about this website that recruits girls for porn sometimes, which was If you know you know, if you don’t, you should get to know me. Some people like what I do and some try to lecture me on why I shouldn’t. speaking of myself – what was the biggest dick you ever had?!