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These will give you an idea of the available groups and their flavor, size, expertise and repertoire before you apply to join.Some choirs are professional quality and deadly serious in their approach.According to the Peace Corps: Depending on the volunteer program you choose, your service can last from three months to two years.You can even choose what country you want to serve in, the type of work you do, and when you depart.Others are just lighthearted groups of people who meet to express a love of music. Jump-start your new avocation over the holidays by joining a community singalong of Handel’s “Messiah.” Making art feeds the spirit.That’s why, soon after retirement, you’ll see many people seek out classes to acquire or relearn skills abandoned years ago.

Snowbird Trails has links to many of these “workamper” (work camper) jobs. For many others it is a way of stretching tight retirement incomes.Find out if a college near you has a Grandparents University that puts kiddos and elders together in classes to explore hands-on subjects like astronomy or photography.Unless you’ve been living under a rock you are probably aware that cooking and eating are wildly popular pastimes. Sure, you’ve been cooking all your life, but we’re talking here about forgetting what you know and trying something new — a class in Thai or French cooking, in knife skills or fermented foods or maybe holiday baking.Ask at your local schools to find out the job requirements and how to apply. You may think you’re too old, but you’d be mistaken.There is no age limit on becoming a Peace Corps volunteer.