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Writing this brought to mind all the ways you guys have been such a blessing to me." She went on to address each one individually, explaining to Kelly and Angie that, while they aren't biologically her children, she loves them as if they are.Tina also admired Solange's individuality: She even had a very special message for Beyonce and her Beyhive: Tags: aimee osbourne, beyonce, candace parker, cathy mcmorris rodgers, chrilane mccray, cute and contemporary families, cute! , donnie trump, eric trump, family, ivana trump, ivanka trump, jack osbourne, jenna wolfe, jennifer weiner, kaitlin olson, kelly osbourne, melissa etheridge, nikki haley, open letter, sally jewell, savannah guthrie, sharon osbourne, solange, thalia, time magazine, tina knowles, today show, victoria beckham NBC newswoman Jenna Wolfe says her and her partner Stephanie Gosk are not disclosing who the baby daddy is to their future child.She's been talking about her baby news like it ain't no thang, but it is! Related: Rose Mc Gowan Goes After 'Fake' Alyssa Milano!In a since-deleted tweet, the "Actresses, like Meryl Streep, who happily worked for The Pig Monster, are wearing black @goldenglobes in a silent protest. You'll accept a fake award breathlessly & affect no real chance. Maybe you should all wear Marchesa." via publicist Leslee Dart where she says she truly "did not know about Weinstein's crimes," and that Mc Gowan "assumed and broadcast something untrue about me." As we wrote in October, the Oscar winner said she "didn't know about [Weinstein's] offenses" in a previous comment to This was a hit around the world for The Chainsmokers and the song's writer, Emily Warren, blessed us with this very different take on the smash! Sometimes on Saturday morning, we'll grab her out of her crib, plop her down on our bed, and just watch her wake up and take in a new day. Of all the places we've been, all the 'life' we've seen, all the adventures we've amassed, Steph and I agree that Harper Estelle is, by far, the best thing we've ever done.An anchor, not only an anchor, also a personal trainer and, fitness expert Jenna Wolfe (original Jennifer Wolfeld) is one of the famous people in the United States.

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I promise you Harper (@harperestelle) reads them all.

You start worrying about her education (I wanted to register her for preschool shortly after birth, but Steph threatened to leave me if i didn't take a deep breath and put the applications away for a while). And you start making scrapbooks with lists of her mini accomplishments: first smile, longest tummy-time, best impression of De Niro...

(I didn't say it was a long list.) So what have I been doing these last eight weeks, besides learning how to raise a child, losing sleep and getting back in shape?

” This one went back and forth a lot in my house as well as hers.

My wife and I finally decided on Mommy/Mama after buying a children’s book for a two mom household.