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This in no small part is due to the development since the early 1980s of a vibrant, vocal and distinctly Filipino feminist movement; a movement that for twenty years has been drawing together the strands of womens concerns from across the diversity of Filipino cultural communities.

The second, is that the violence suffered by the majority of women throughout the world, while having their own specific forms, is painfully similar and oftentimes exactly the same.

Traditionally, the husband is expected to be the main breadwinner, chiefly responsible for the financial sustenance of the family, and the wife is "queen of the home".

As she takes care of the budget and "holds the purse strings" (the husband usually hands over his monthly pay to the wife and gets a regular allowance from her), she is seen as a power to reckon with in the family.

Some of what we present here may seem to be outside the scope of this forums topic of sexual violence.

In the context of the Philippines, however, it would be an incomplete picture if we did not connect sexual violence with the related issues of sexuality, abortion, no divorce law, the double standard in marital infidelity, the death penalty, migration, the world wide web of exploitation, and the feminist movements response.

[8] Additionally, the traditional view of a full-time Filipino mother and wife is also being challenged by the necessity in contemporary Philippines for women to seek paid work outside the home; even outside the country.

One piece is a tapis of Bontoc weave from the Cordillera region in the north, the other, a malong from Mindanao in southern Philippines.

Two very different pieces in style and design, they illustrate the cultural diversity of the peoples of our country.

A common phenomenon is labor migration which began in the early 1920s.

The "brain drain" reached crisis proportions in the late 1970s when the Marcos government actually promoted the deployment of Filipinos for overseas jobs to deflate unemployment and earn foreign exchange from income remittances to offset the debt crisis.