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In each level, fill the kissing loader as soon as possible to move on to higher levels. If I’m an adult, I can’t be seen sitting around a table with my other adult friends and playing Monopoly, right? Believe it or not, tabletop games have evolved beyond the days of the process of rolling dice and tapping your little metallic dog up and down a sheet of cardboard.

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These games are great for small get togethers where everybody may not necessarily know each other.

Our list of the best adult board games is broken down by each subcategory and as always we will be providing our personal favorites from each below.

This is a game based on numbers, which can be intimidating to some, but this game is much friendlier than it first appears.

In Wits and Wagers, you are asked trivia questions that will always have an answer with a numeric value.

So, the question will be something along the lines of “How long is the Great Wall of China?