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“Diversity month is something new to our school this year.” Kouyou’s media teacher began, holding up one of the fliers that he had spent all of his free period posting. If you’ll go to the address written on the board and type in your student log in, you’ll be taken to a random generator which will match you up with another student in the school.

“It’s about appreciating the different groups at our school, and at the same time building a sense of unity between them.” A series of groans and eye rolls erupted as if by some unseen cue. You will be responsible for staying in contact with this student- a pen pal, if you will. Even Old Gods immeasurable by time and age craved to feel warmth.

Intensive and sensible, modern, and comfortably warm, masculine and gentle...

How do you rebuild, when the pieces left behind no longer create the same picture as before?

Will the pieces that remain ever become anything of significance?

Ruki found himself in one of those houses with new crazy roommates, and has his doubts on the very first day whether he's in the right place. I think you’ll find him most useful.“Kai and Uruha, you two may have heard of Ruki. His strongest point is stealth and surprise attacks, but overall he tops everyone across the board.

The very fabric of space and time shuddered at his touch. I believe this team will have no problem with the rebel infestation in Tokyo.