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And despite having enough capital to afford a fleet of yachts, the keen fisherman still takes to the water in the same 15ft Boston Whaler he had parked up in his driveway before his life-changing win.The couple's one splashy outlay is a ,000 Tesla in matching gold for Maureen. As for the remaining hundreds of millions friends and neighbors can only speculate on where it's being spent.

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Their identities were revealed because Californian law mandates that winners be named, but they have not been photographed.

On the advice of lawyers they kept the win secret for a month, even from Michael and Denise, before telling them on the eve of the announcement.

In their ensuing press conference David said the thought of having millions of dollars had given him sleepless nights and he had lost 10lbs from the stress.

When Daily caught up with Maureen last week and asked what she's been doing as a newly minted multi-millionairess she smiled and said: 'Oh nothing exciting.' 'Taking care of family,' she added, before politely declining to speak further about her windfall.

Originally from Central Islip on New York's Long Island, David and Maureen have been married 37 years and moved to sleepy Melbourne Beach on the Florida coast in 1991.