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Out of desperation and poverty, Sheela’s eldest brother sold her into this sex trade. By God’s grace, ZOE’s India Country Director, Jabez Williams, was in the area working to build trust among the local gangs that were very influential in the slums.

The day had come for Sheela to go to her new “owner,” and her brother to get his payout. Garnering their support, or at least ensuring they wouldn’t interfere, was an important part of ZOE’s potential for success in this relatively new area for the program.

After a few days, neighborhood children began to come and sit with him, talking and sharing about their lives.

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(Save the Children India, 2006) Because Sheela fought back, she would not become part of those statistics and another victim of the sex trade.

Still working undercover for a secret organization, Lucas Baker hunts down the only other last man standing in order to forcibly make a twisted arrangement with him, sending them on a trip across the country to escape their pursuers. Let's pretend it was Chris who showed up at the end of 7 (PS the guy in the game NOT Chris...gross. Its raw lucl at this point and I can't help but feel its running out, at least not until I saw HIM walk through the door. (Standalone adaptation of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. She had seen many victims come and go, some more frustrating than others, and all of them meeting tragic ends at the hands of her 'family'.

When you strip a trumped up god of all his powers, can he rise again? But to make it plain and simple, I'm currently hiding in a couch, hoping against hope these Baker psychopaths won't find me. After years of avoiding the place you once called home, you return. Stranded while searching for a Louisiana ghost town, a paranormal TV crew discover the bayou never relinquishes its secrets—or guests—without exacting its gruesome price. /Somethin' is tellin' me I should be./" RE7 crossover AU.

After a week of traveling, and thinking of a fake story to tell her husband Ethan, she comes home to a empty house. That is, until one Eddie Gluskin ends up becoming Eveline's newest 'brother' and his agenda pulls her more into Eveline's madness than before.

Jorie hollis has had a rough life since her grandmother died.