Dating omega psi phi man

'.'"*Bring me a girl who's an Alpha Gam, ~good times we'll share.For a girl is sweet most anytime and yet, Bring me a girl who's an Alpha Gam, A girl we won't forget. Remember if you and up rich or poor The things we did the things we said The fun of each day, makes each of us feel afeeling so real it's More than words can say.That's when kindred hearts come closest, That's when bonds are strong and free, And as dancing flames grow steady, and loyalty, Then ''ti j .breathe a prayer of gladness For the days of "auld land syne11And visions clear our Founders had At candlelighting time. v For I'll have all that comin* to me Umm, and a little bit, Umm, and a little bit Umm, and a whole lot more.

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Oh, it's hot roast duck, that makes you want to sandwhich3. Gin, gin, gin,..makes you want to sin Wine...0 that makes you feel so fine Whiskey,.o.

Guided by faith and by alpha Gam love, Shoulder to shoulder and firm hearts within Loyalty we pledge to thee Red and buff roses, our colors so true Alpha Gam girl, here's to you! They all joined hands and oircled roundsisterhood was found. Now we know we canft be beat, so let us repeat: Alpha Gam, Alpha Gam, we're the best in the land, A(clap, clap, clpa,) G(clap, clap, clap) D(clap, clap, clap)A(clap) G(clap) D(clap)AGD Rah! J I PLEDGED MY HEARTI pledged my heart to a Sig Ep He turned me down, it's true I lost my Pi Kappa Alpha And my Sigma Nu. My man back home got marrird And I'm so blue, I lost my Delta Chi buddy MY ATO doesn't date , My Lamda Chi always Studies With the DU's I don't rate My SAE always fights with me My TKE makes me blue My Sigme Chi took his pin away And now my gosh I'm through.

HAPPINESSJVty- world is filled with many things, More valuable than gold, The countless "little" pleasures, That an average day can hold. GOT ALONG WITHOUT YOUGot along without you before we met you,but we can't do without you now. Sing for a penny Two for the show Any song that you know Three to get ready The long road is weary And four tho go I You've a long way to go (repeat last line)As I travel all over this landf there is onesad thing that I find, When the wide road calls you must leavefriends and all Leaving song behind, for awhile Leaving a song behind. Some value women and wine But a song and a friend round each turn of the bond Are riches I'd rather were mine, everytime Are riches I'd rather were mine. -'Cause I ain't got nobody And nobody cares, for me Some men are dumb All men are dumb. A, D, E, L, T, A, ALPHA GAMMA DELTA HELLO tunei "Hi- ho hi-ho"Hi!

PASS IT ONIt only takes a spark to get a fire going, And soon all those around can warm up it's glowing That's how it is with our love, once you've experienced it. Iwant to date a college man Umm, and a little bit more.

You spread our love to everyone, you want to pass it on. I want to date a fraternity man Umm* and a little bit more I want to date a__________Then I'll ask no more.