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She thinks she is doing the right thing, and you’d be more intrigued by her decision if it wasn’t based on information received via cross-galactic Stepdad exposition dump.And truthfully, I’m not quite sure this decision is quite as complicated as the show the Klingons are up to no good; every time we see T’Kuvma, he’s giving a speech about launching all-out war.) Georgiou feels betrayed by Burnham, but she also goes into battle with her in the rushed climax.With equivalent material, Chris Pine played his Kirk with physical comedy and flop-sweating tension.Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer Burnham’s no-bull professionalism." data-reactid="22" protagonist ideal. Blasted full of radiation, she strolls out of sick bay covered in burns. The franchise has lived recently on the big screen, but J. Abrams’ films already have a tortured history, so much kinetic promise sent running in place through rehashed story points three decades old. You want to playfully jab our old pals at CBS – is this the programming strategy version of your parents asking how to get to Netflix from On Demand? – but it’s worth remembering that launches this week, a late step by CBS into the world of streaming. The first hour aired on CBS this Sunday, with the second hour immediately available on CBS All Access. The first two chapters are also essentially a prologue; next Sunday’s episode is the true pilot.– but what really sells the moment is Burnham’s enthusiasm. And much later, when Burnham fights an albino Klingon mano-a-mano, there’s a moment when the alien warrior grabs her head, and the scream Martin-Green lets out is pure pain and primal rage, like Matthew Modine doing his war face in protagonist ideal. Blasted full of radiation, she strolls out of sick bay covered in burns.Held captive in her own ship’s brig, she argues ethics with a computer so she can jump through space without a spacesuit.

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In the middle of a high-tension battle situation, with a Klingon ship on the Federation frontier threatening warfare, Burnham makes a bold choice…to run to her quarters and place a holographic Face Time call to her emotionally distant father figure.Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer Burnham’s no-bull professionalism.Martin-Green’s performance is great in another way: She’s covering up some very strange, rather hazy characterization.There’s some vague notion put forward that she’s struggling with her human ancestry and her Vulcan upbringing.When she’s a kid, Sarek says her “human heart” is a problem.