Non verbal dating

Nonverbal communication can also cause you to feel uncomfortable around another person, even if the communication is not misinterpreted.

For example, if your friend stands very close to you to hear you talk, you might feel as if he is invading your personal space.

One invaluable coupling-up coup: the fact that you can read any man's mind just by looking at him.

"Before developing speech, we communicated with our bodies," says David B.

Most of us remember cringing as children when our mothers gave us that look -- the look that meant we were in deep trouble. And even if she did say a word -- even if it was kind -- you could probably still tell you were in trouble because the brain processes both verbal and nonverbal communication at the same time and notices when someone's words don't match their body language.

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Stay quiet to give him time to spill, suggests Wood.

If your partner's tone of voice seems sarcastic, but his words aren't, you still might feel like he is making fun of you.

The important thing to remember is that most of the time, it isn't intentional.

Nonverbal communication can be incredibly reassuring. A warm smile thrown your way when you are trying to apologize for something, a light touch on your arm when you are sharing something difficult, a soft tone of voice or even a step toward you are all ways that nonverbal communication can increase closeness between two people in a relationship.

This type of nonverbal communication complements the message the speaker is trying to convey.